Managing customers with MYSPASOFT

How do you know which customers regularly go to your Spa? How to classify customers effectively and thereby have the appropriate incentive program, … The only thing that Spa needs to do is to find a solution to manage the best customer information – Managing customers with MYSPASOFT.

MYSPASOFT – Professional management software helps spas store customer informations, customer classification, get customer feedback and solving problems arising in the operating process.

Customer Management

Managing customers with MYSPASOFT
Customer Management Screen

With the number of regular customers going in and out of the spa, the management of customer’s information manual before will be very likely to cause errors and cause difficulties in storage. Understanding these shortcomings, MYSPASOFT has brought advanced and optimal solution with specialized features that help Spa:

  • Statistics of the entire customer: information on date of birth, address, phone number, medical information, beauty needs, … From here you will easily select and implement effective marketing campaigns to meet the beauty needs of each group of customers.
  • Customer information system is always updated so that customer management becomes easy.
Customer report screen - MYSPASOFT
Customer report screen

Customer feedback & rating

With an increasingly competitive market, measuring customer reviews will help you investigate Spa’s performance, the customer’s feelings and expectations for the products and services you provide. Moreover, those assessments help Spa owners to identify and reduce sources of errors and complaints from customers regarding the process of supplying products and services such as staff attitude, waiting time, … Understanding the importance and difficulty in collecting that information, MYSPA strives to bring customer service evaluation features with the following functions:

  • Implement a measurement system to accurately capture the data you need, save time and cut costs so you don’t have to dig through a ton of data.
  • Continuous monitoring of customer service evaluation.
  • Narrow the gap between customer expectations and the actual service to increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty thereby increasing sales and profits.

Customer classification

The purpose of customer classification

Clear classification will help administrators devise the most optimal customer care strategies. Help your Spa keep a large number of loyal customers.

Potential customers will be able to become loyal customers of the Spa, while for the negative group of customers, the right customer care strategies will help your Spa easily reach customers and easily entice customers to return to use your service.

Effective and quick customer classification solution

Customer classification – the outstanding feature of MYSPASOFT helps administrators and customer care staff better.

MYSPASOFT will help classify customers by the amount of money they spend to use the service. Customers will be classified according to each display step in different colors: Luxurious, Diamond, Platinum and even new customers only use Spa services 1-2 times.

Relying on the ranking will help the administrator devise the most appropriate customer care strategies to retain and attract more potential customers to Spa.

In addition, MYSPASOFT also has many smart features to help Spa owners optimize their management process. MYSPASOFT has been chosen by a lot of Spas as an effective arm in management: Royal Spa, MOMMY Spa, MUSE Clinic,…

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