MYSPASOFT brings the most professional sales and customer management software to the enterprise!


MYSPASOFT is more than just a single purpose software, it is a powerful suite of many business management tools. We have integrated Point-of-Sales (POS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), customers’ packages management, appointment scheduling & bookings, inventory management, payroll commissions and many more features into our easy-to-use software whether a business is just starting up or looking to scale.

Optimize Workflow

Simplify management processes at every organizational level by eliminating overlapping and duplicative tasks.

Effective Marketing

Enhance public image and perception by automatically sending information about new and discounted services to customers.

Increase Productivity

Employees show increased productivity, creativity, satisfaction and loyalty when working in business environments that adopt mobile technology.

Increase Revenue

Revenue can increase by 10-30% in the first year of a mobile CRM; 65% of sales who use a CRM achieved their quotas while 78% who do not use a CRM do not achieve their quotas

Customer Oriented UI

MYSPASOFT improves customer care via emails, sms and calendar reminders on a regular and periodic basis using our easy to use user interface.

Long-term support

We will always engage with your business for the benefit of your long-term development.

Some Features

Appointment Scheduling & Booking Management

Get the best overview of available and filled up timeslots. Also helps employees keep track of their appointments with customers.

Quick Charge

Connect easily with barcode scanners and bill printers. All operations with cash registers and payment gateways through our POS are integrated within MySpaSoft.

Customer Profile & Records

Process customers by quickly reviewing their history and services previously performed on them, allowing employees to better “understand” customers’ backgrounds and needs

Reminder Notifications For Customers

Maximize productivity by minimizing customer no-shows for their appointments.

Employee Management

Easily keep track of employees’ activities and evaluate their level of performance.

Accurate & Instant Reporting

In real-time, get the most up-to-date numbers about the business’s financial situation to enable informed assessments in formulating a sound business strategy.

...and many other features

MyspaSoft - The most professional sales and customer care management software for Spas, Clinics and Salons


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